Sunday, 31 January 2010

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

So, hmm.. I was in topshop yesterday thinking I was oh so original buying a lace body and cropped jumper, since I haven't seen anyone wearing them as of yet, however I also saw depleted racks of lace bodies...
Who's buying them and has anyone seen them actually being worn?! Ah well, at least it forces me to be a little creative with what I layer them with. Lookbook gave me this gorge outfit by Denise Teoh, however; check it <3
In other news, since this is a fairly new blog and I am far behind on the whole 20th century thing, you'll have to wait until I get a half decent phone for things to pick up as I'm not on the internet that often. I also have GCSE's coming up, so will only be on here when I'm properly slacking (i.e. all the time).