Monday, 26 July 2010

Folding to Demand

I've always had a little fascination with origami (I even remember making one of those fortune teller games so small I had to fold it with a pin), it's always a great way to waste a few minutes and strangely therapeutic!
I saw origami jewellery at the Victoria and Albert museum's gift shop, made from beautiful floral cardboard and mounted in silver chains, pins and earring hooks. If they hadn't been at a ridiculous price, I would've had one there and then but, let's be honest, this is London ;P
A few months later, origami jewellery wanders across my mind once again, only this time I have google to help me.
First of all are the solid silver creations by french designers Claire Naa and Arnaud Soulignac- sharply folded and in unusual shapes (I've never seen an origami unicorn before!), these neat little pieces bordering on whimsy would look great with pale, layered knitwear to show them off.

I also managed to track down Frucci's graphic jewellery- I really like the trio of rings.. although I'm kind of hoping she makes them into nice chunky bangles (wink wink nudge nudge ;P)

If anyone finds any other jewellery, please share! it's murder to find good ones on the internet

Friday, 23 July 2010


All images by me.

Barbados is an absolutely beautiful place. It's as if you took england and injected the life back into it- the houses are every colour except grey and brown, the people actually talk to you and go out of their way to give you a nice day- even if you're not buying anything from them they'll still have a chat and people share the island with the native wildlife- there're no sterile, lifeless shopping centres here!
On my trip, I managed to swim with sea turtles the size of a small car, snorkel on a coral reef, burn my back from neck to ankles whilst surfing and have dinner with a troupe of monkeys.