Friday, 30 April 2010


Since primary school, I always had this sort of ultimately unrealistic dream of being a fashion designer. Now I'm older, I've decided that I am nowhere near creative enough to produce desirable, original clothes over and over again- I might be able to conjure up one collection, but it wouldn't exactly be ground-breaking and magical! haha, we'll leave that to the professionals!
That said, here's three designs I came up with in a dull, d u l l science lesson :P
The middle one's my plan to customise my prom dress, haha :P
The main reason I'm posting these (apart from shameless self-promotion) is because for a long time I haven't had my own way to draw fashion and have been stealing Gemma from FadeToBlack's fantastic style- hate doing that, it always makes me feel like a naughty child...
Anyway, I'm quite proud of these soooo look at them.. or just scroll past them to look at my pretty necklace, or go to a slightly better written, better photographed blog :P

Tuesday, 27 April 2010


I told you I'd give y'all an outfit post, this time to show off a lovely necklace I got in the post today-
Won in a free giveaway from, and I'm so chuffed with it!! to be honest (and absolutely no insult meant at all to vanya- quite the opposite!) I thought it was just a home business, where everything was stuck together on the kitchen table based solely on spending too much time on etsy. When I got the necklace today, it made me immediately happy- firstly because I had mail (I know, sad), secondly because it was in an evelope with bubble wrap inside to pop :D and finally because of the actual packaging- Vanya's said on her blog how much time she's spent designing the packaging, ang it's really paid off;
If you can see there, the necklace is mounted on a card with her logo on it, put in a natural cardboard box, tied with grosgrain ribbon and put in a handmade bag with a thank-you card and a business card. I go absolutely gaga over good packaging, so I was in heaven here :D
In other news, the sister's in New Zealand now- took her flight last night :) her blog's absolutely brilliant, I highly reccomend you go read it (and I'm not just saying that because of the whole relation thing!)

Monday, 26 April 2010

26.04.10 [2]

Before I go, this is the most amazing thing i've seen all week!!!


Although it seems that this blog seems to be turning into more of a foodie blog than a fashion blog (i believe i've created the fashood/fooshion genre), i'm gonna do another food (ish) post and i promise the next post will be an outfit (i finally got my gorillapod :D)
The dadders recently introduced me to this lovely stuff called eve (momma green and i only remember the name by imitating wall-e :P), which tastes like white wine but without the underlying taste of boooze (that makes it taste gross!!).
Yumm :) it's like shloer, but without being so sweet and it's got much better bubbles!
that's all i think, although i need some sillyness in this post methinks;

Saturday, 24 April 2010


Nipped on AllRecipes last night to try and find something to do with a bit of mozzarella we had spare- found this beautiful smoked ham and mango salad, that turned out really well even though the mozzarella was morrisson's value range (i.e. cheese flavoured rubber). After that I got a bit carried away and found a cake that went really well with the salad- an apple and almond cake, although I would've used cooking apples in the bottom instead of eating ones, as the whole thing ended up being very one-dimensionally sweet. god, i sound like a proper food blogger- this isn't even a food blog!!!

Also went shopping today- surprise surprise ;P Joules must love me, it's like I'm their official sponsor sometimes!

Monday, 19 April 2010


Big news- I have a job!! woop! I now get to say that I am a waitress... at a strawberry farm- how quaint :D
Unfortunately, this doesn't mean I'll be able to buy lots of lovely new clothes to show you all, mainly because I'm putting most of my earnings towards getting a car when I'm seventeen. What this does mean however, is that I'll be able to get my Gorillapod to show you all of my lovely old clothes, and I'll at least be able to buy a few new things every month or two. Still, that's not half bad ;P

I've been awfully healthy today (except the sausage roll I had at school- I can be excused though, because that's the only half-edible thing that they serve), and made myself a lemon and thyme chicken breast for dinner, with a green salad, sliced carrots and some smoked salmon (yum!). Only thing is, now my fingers stink of smoked salmon- not sure if I love it or not yet.. (hold on the dirty jokes please- such children!)

Aaw, just realised that there are no pretty pictures here :(
(I don't care if these have already done the rounds on the blogs, I love them and I want one.)

Saturday, 17 April 2010

6 Things I'd like this summer.

All images from


Spring's really coming along this past week, it's nice to not worry about arctic conditions outside. I went for my job interview today- I get a trial run tomorrow!! :D I'm absolutely terrifified I'll mess it up though... oh dear!
To distract myself, I should really be doing some sort of revision or coursework, but instead i'll show you some of my favourite Jak & Jil moments of the past week... sometimes it's good to be a slacker :P

Saturday, 10 April 2010


I cooked that today- all by myself, no recipe :)
Over the last few months, I feel like I've started to- not grow up because you should never do that, but I definately feel like I can handle myself better. I always thought I was self sufficient, but I've always had a problem with talking to people for 'offishal' stuff like taking things back to shops and applying for jobs and stuff. However, at this moment I have a job interview for waitressing at our local strawberry farm next Saturday, I took a pair of unwanted shoes back to Dorothy Perkins today and I managed to cook a whole meal without too much catastrophe.. although there was an issue with the cat finding my chicken breast :P
Anyway, I just felt that this amazing, fantastic wondrous meal I've created today deserved a post because it's sooooo amazing. G'night :)
Guess what I got in the post this morning?!

I spotted it on Urban Outfitters weeks ago, but they weren't selling them any more so I ordered one from WHSmith's, however it took aaaages for them to finally despatch it.
The concept of the book is to stop you from trying to make all of your art neat and correct, and to sure perfectionism by making you do destructive and messy things to the book- i.e. the first instruction you get is to crack the spine of the book, followed by standing on an open page of the book and spitting coffee at it. I'd highly reccomend you take a look at the Wreck This Journal gallery, because some of the ways people have interpreted the instructions are brilliant! I could look through the pictures on there for years.
here's the page I did today (it's a bit lame, but hey! I'm a beginner!)-

Friday, 9 April 2010

People- this is where I'm lucky enough to live!
Well, I don't actually live in the woods, but it's an around-the-corner thing. I took the dog for a walk this morning there, and I happened to go just early enough to catch the birds- no dawn chorus, but they were definately going for it!
May I direct your attention to the Polyvore badge to my right- that website is so addictive! I'm being very active on there lately- it's such a simple, quick way to let creativity out and it lets me create outfits with clothes that I would never in a million years manage to lay my hands on!
I think that's all for today, except...
I know, I know- I'm a spaz :P

Thursday, 8 April 2010

We've actually got some sun today! hallelujah!

I thought I'd take this chance to wear my new lacey tights, as well as a nice pair of linen shorts. The polo shirt is by Joules, my very favourite place for cute, classy clothes (hello alliteration!) and a bonus- they're designed and based very near where i live in Market Harborough, a gorgeous little village with really nice boutiques and charity shops.
Hope you all have a good day- enjoy the sun while it lasts!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Gosh, it feels as though I've been inactive for weeks!
the truth is, not much has actually been going on so I haven't had much to report on (not that I normally have a lot going on in my shockingly un-glamourous life). I did go shopping again, but I'm sure you'll get to see what I bought another time when I post outfit photos more regularly (trying desperately to track down a Gorillapod, which would be a lot more convenient than a bulky and expensive tripod!).

One fashion quandary that has been permeating my life quite a lot recently, is the issue of.. dun dun duuun! Prom.
That one word can send girls everywhere clamouring for long dresses in that offensive, horrible satin fabric covered in rhinestones and other shit- as you can tell, I'm not a fan.
So far, I've managed to find one dress on the internet that fits my rules of 'no rhinestones, excessive ruffles or metal rings and keep it classy' by Jovani

I can't stop imagining it with a pair of black, chucky-strapped heels and (if it's cold) a big, black army coat or a big parka...

...Or something like that. Not that I've been obsessing about it or anything... :S
Anyway, although I love the chunks out of that dress, it's well beyond my budget- does anyone have any reccomendations for good dress websites that aren't too expensive??

Thursday, 1 April 2010

I may well love her- I'm already fascinated by french women and culture and she magically mixes british eclecticism with french sophistication.... and that hair! I'm not normally one to gush (ok, maybe I am..), but I felt she needed a post. See her next in Harry Potter as Fleur Delacour.