Monday, 31 May 2010


Since I'm very, veery lazy with anything that doesn't say GCSE on it at the mo, this blog's probably just going to degenerate into me posting photos and random bits I find on the web; maybe just for now, maybe permanently.
who knows, it'll probably be an improvement from my shoddy writing skills :P

See ya later alligators :P

Monday, 10 May 2010

08.05.10 / 09.05.10

You ever had a box where you just keep pretty things? this is my glitter box.

This is currently my entire make up set, honest.

Good times on Sunday night with the girlies xx

Thursday, 6 May 2010


Oosh, really had a lot happening over the last week. First of all, my school's GCSE art exhibition on wednesday-

How cute, eh? basically, we put up two years worth of art work, there's the open evening/exhibition where parents and the mayoress or something can look round and say 'how lovely' and 'well, you can see they put a lot of work into it...' (which means 'god that's terrible, better say something good about it..'), then the art stays up for weeks and weeks and weeks until we get to take it all home :)
Also, I've been diagnosed with a chronic longing for summer- I've got to take two smarties a day and wait until the exams finish :P
Until then, I've been stuffing my gob with fruit and salads and other summery food and wearing shorts whenever the thermometer goes past 10 degrees :P my most recent escapade was making my own yoghurt- surprisingly easy, and MUCH nicer than the stuff you get in stores- it's not quite as sour (although I left mine a bit too long and it sort of started becoming cheese...)
This dish did look really nice with the peaches sitting just on top of the yoghurt and sprinkled in icing sugar, but I started eating before I thought of taking a picture :P

If you want to make your own (and I highly reccomend you do- it's great fun!)-

heat a litre of whole milk on the hob until little bubbles appear around the surface. Pour into a large bowl to cool until you can hold your pinky finger in it for 20 seconds (45 degrees celsius on a thermometer).
Put a few teaspoons of yoghurt starter formula or natural yoghurt with active bacteria in it in a small bowl. Add some of the heated milk and stir in until completely blended. Add the small bowl mixture to the large bowl a bit at a time, making sure to blend well each time.
Wrap the large bowl in a heavy towel and leave somewhere warm (like near a heater or in an airing cupboard) overnight until set. Finally, cover and leave in the fridge for 8 hours :)

So, how are you lot preparing for summer?