Monday, 16 August 2010

Arachnocampa Luminosa

I don't know why, but I think it's kind of poetic that something as beautiful as these strands of silk in new zealand's caves could be made by something like this slimy little worm, just as a means of getting food.
Another odd fact is that as soon as the glow worm pupates into a fungus gnat, it flies straight into the silk traps laid by it's neighbours and is eaten.
I don't know why this stuff is so interesting to me, it just is.

Friday, 13 August 2010


Lately, I've had quite a lot going on and a lot to remind me of the fact i'm starting 6th form (college) in about 3 weeks. To be quite honest, it scares me... but most changes in life do. I just need to live through results day, then take stock and decide on the course my life's going to take from here...
In other news, I've also looked into getting involved with young volunteers. Now, I have never been much of a 'do-gooder' (if that's what you call it); I didn't want anything to do with scouts or brownies when I was growing up, I passed on the chance to become a counsellor for younger students and I don't really go to any 'extra-curricular' clubs or anything (much to my gran's disgust may I add), but lately I feel I need to meet new people, and I need to get some life experience outside of school and work.

So far, I've had one meeting and I have some numbers to call, so hopefully I can get motivated to call around and get this thing going- it actually looks like a blast, and I can pick and choose exactly what I want to do. If you're interested, their website's here- (although it's england only, sorry!).
(I've just realised I sound like one of those cheesy adverts that tries to 'relate' to teenagers- sorry!)

Friday, 6 August 2010

Slipping In

Ah, vintage slip dresses... they really are a little piece of fantasy. Chiffon, silk, beads, sequins... everything a girl needs :) at least everything a girl without boobs and a bum can wear successfully! That's the one major downfall of these things- cutting a dress out of only two pieces of fabric doesn't leave much room for fitting, but at least until they invent a pair of full body control pants I have polyvore to fantasise with...

Tuesday, 3 August 2010


Finally, some Frank Turner lyrics-

Slumber-blind I speak my mind
When I'm out cold (or so I'm told)
And so I'm scared to rest my head in company.
You're not scared of words unsaid,
You close your eyes, say your goodbyes
And so I'm left to watch you drift away from me
So peacefully.

And I'm just looking for the person
Who will smile at all my questions,
Who will tell me I'm just tired, and then send me
Back to sleep.

You stole the covers in the night,
You turned away, turned out the light,
But it's OK because I'm already miles away