Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Just though I'd show you a couple of random things I've been up to this week ♥

I always try to get just a couple of flowers in my room- it always helps me feel happier :D These were just a product of me running round the garden with a pair of scissors and a jam jar thinking 'oooh, this would look great!'. i fail at flower arranging, so I always prefer the 'arty', higgledy-piggledy look ;P

Just a notebook I covered in peony leaves+ petals this afternoon, I might take it as a journal for Barbados :D surprisingly easy to make, although I had to varnish it in two coats of PVA and it took AGES to dry!

Finally, a sneaky look at my prom dress!! :D purchased two weeks before the actual prom, may I add :P
So, have any of you been preparing for prom? What would your absolute perfect dress be? (luckily, I've got mine already :P)

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