Sunday, 27 June 2010

Things I know I want in life.

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above everything else, i have always, always known that no matter what job i have in the future, no matter how much i earn, i simply want to be deliriously happy in life. if i end up as a bin lady, then i'm ok with that as long as i'm a happy bin lady :)

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I want to live by the sea. simple as that.

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if it's possible for one person to see the entire world, then i'll do that. I don't want to live on a planet as fantastic as the earth and not see any of it. I want to see jungles, seas, deserts, forests, mountains. I want to see everything, meet everyone and show people just how much life is worth.

i got a bit carried away with myself at the end, sorry :P i'm not a very decisive person, and what i want changes all the time but those are the three things i have always wanted throughout my whole life, and when you're me anything constant is pretty important.

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