Friday, 12 March 2010


So, art exams went well.. I think, at least. I figured out that I only have about a month or two until my actual GCSE's start, so expect posts to become a lot more sparse and disjointed- like this one!

First order of business- SKINS! For anyone else who watches it, this was a very traumatic episode to watch- I have a theory though!
First of all, Freddie is much too beautiful to die. Sometimes you see someone so gorgeous that it is unimaginable that something could possibly harm that face, and many people watch skins just for Luke, so why would the telly people kill him off?
Another, I'm pretty sue that, since there's only one episode of this series left, the gang won't find Freddie and will assume he's dead. However, shock horror, in the next series we will see him wake up from a coma with, *gasp*.... AMNESIA!
hurr hurr..

Secondly, I saw this woman in Susie Lau's post on The Gentlewoman, and felt that she needed a mention-
Gillian Wilkins.
I was trying to find an alternative picture so that I could pretend to be all original and that I didn't need other blogs to tell me what to write about, but I couldn't, so there.
i just felt that even though she's probably british, she seems like the quintessential, elegant french woman to me for some reason.

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