Wednesday, 31 March 2010

I Love Love!

Goodness me, it looks like I'm writing about good ol' Topshop again! this time, they have a new studio brand on their site- Love.
That banner's said it about as well as I ever could. They haven't got an awful lot on their page yet, but I can imagine just slipping every single piece they do have on in the summer. The clothes aren't making a statement or trying to be 'avante-garde', Love has simply created a set of classic, girly clothes that anyone can wear (which I see as a very good thing!).

These are just my favourites- I absolutely adore those shorts!
Our classic british weather's being horrible- it was lovely last week and everyone thought that the horrible winter we've been having had ended, but then the bloody snow, rain and 0-5 degree temperatures came back this week. boo >:( I'm still waiting to wear my new sunglasses- waiting in hope!

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