Monday, 1 March 2010

Summer Lust

As we come into march, and weeks of rain are broken up by rare, beautiful days of sunshine, I find it helps you to ignore the shitty weather by imagining and preparing for the few months where life picks up, barbecues are dusted off and people just feel generally happier and better about themselves- summer. This is the time of year that I generally associate with people making lists of things they want to do, buy and read as soon as it gets sunny, so who am I to break tradition?!

Number 1;
Topshop's mesh-front grey sweatshirt, worn backwards with a pretty bra would be HOT. It has to be in capitals to emphasize just how HOT it will be.
Number 2;
Ever since I saw this on Cupcakes and Cashmere, I have been (only slightly!) obsessed with it- the satin would feel lovely and swishy when you walk, and I love the fact that it's an obnoxiously bright colour.
Just because nerd glasses are one of the coolest and quickest ways to accessorise- I love the nuts off'a them.
And finally, four;
A really good, high pair of wedges. Mainly because apart from on pair of shoes that I hate, I have NO heels- I just steal my sister's. These are from Urban Outfitters, and they look perfect to wear with a girly dress or skirt for summer.

As well as that, I hope to go out at EVERY possibility with my friends, eat copious amounts of junk food, finish buying my new wardrobe, visit more junk shops, laugh more, cry more, do more and ignore my damned hayfever ;)
Have a good day, folks <3

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