Tuesday, 27 April 2010


I told you I'd give y'all an outfit post, this time to show off a lovely necklace I got in the post today-
Won in a free giveaway from jewellerybyvanya.com, and I'm so chuffed with it!! to be honest (and absolutely no insult meant at all to vanya- quite the opposite!) I thought it was just a home business, where everything was stuck together on the kitchen table based solely on spending too much time on etsy. When I got the necklace today, it made me immediately happy- firstly because I had mail (I know, sad), secondly because it was in an evelope with bubble wrap inside to pop :D and finally because of the actual packaging- Vanya's said on her blog how much time she's spent designing the packaging, ang it's really paid off;
If you can see there, the necklace is mounted on a card with her logo on it, put in a natural cardboard box, tied with grosgrain ribbon and put in a handmade bag with a thank-you card and a business card. I go absolutely gaga over good packaging, so I was in heaven here :D
In other news, the sister's in New Zealand now- took her flight last night :) her blog's absolutely brilliant, I highly reccomend you go read it (and I'm not just saying that because of the whole relation thing!)


  1. this is sooo nice! I cant believe you won it!! Booked my new zealand tour this morning so i will be travelling around on Friday! Also.. have booked my bungeeee :D the tallest one in Australasia apparently :|
    Great photography by the way - why cant i make mine do that!? Love you heaps.
    Big sis xxxx

  2. aaah! bungee! i'm so glad you'll get to do it :D
    to get it to do that you need to find the macro setting- it's represented by a little flower picture and it lets you take photos of things really close up :P