Friday, 30 April 2010


Since primary school, I always had this sort of ultimately unrealistic dream of being a fashion designer. Now I'm older, I've decided that I am nowhere near creative enough to produce desirable, original clothes over and over again- I might be able to conjure up one collection, but it wouldn't exactly be ground-breaking and magical! haha, we'll leave that to the professionals!
That said, here's three designs I came up with in a dull, d u l l science lesson :P
The middle one's my plan to customise my prom dress, haha :P
The main reason I'm posting these (apart from shameless self-promotion) is because for a long time I haven't had my own way to draw fashion and have been stealing Gemma from FadeToBlack's fantastic style- hate doing that, it always makes me feel like a naughty child...
Anyway, I'm quite proud of these soooo look at them.. or just scroll past them to look at my pretty necklace, or go to a slightly better written, better photographed blog :P

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