Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Gosh, it feels as though I've been inactive for weeks!
the truth is, not much has actually been going on so I haven't had much to report on (not that I normally have a lot going on in my shockingly un-glamourous life). I did go shopping again, but I'm sure you'll get to see what I bought another time when I post outfit photos more regularly (trying desperately to track down a Gorillapod, which would be a lot more convenient than a bulky and expensive tripod!).

One fashion quandary that has been permeating my life quite a lot recently, is the issue of.. dun dun duuun! Prom.
That one word can send girls everywhere clamouring for long dresses in that offensive, horrible satin fabric covered in rhinestones and other shit- as you can tell, I'm not a fan.
So far, I've managed to find one dress on the internet that fits my rules of 'no rhinestones, excessive ruffles or metal rings and keep it classy' by Jovani

I can't stop imagining it with a pair of black, chucky-strapped heels and (if it's cold) a big, black army coat or a big parka...

...Or something like that. Not that I've been obsessing about it or anything... :S
Anyway, although I love the chunks out of that dress, it's well beyond my budget- does anyone have any reccomendations for good dress websites that aren't too expensive??


  1. I'm already kitted out for prom. Result. Bear in mind I'm a guy, so it was far easier haha.

  2. isn't bad
    and has some seriously awesome sales!!
    loving these picks :D
    loving your blog
    great posts and pictures!
    stop by some time xx

  3. thats gorgee. i didnt go to prom, so i don't really have any suggestions, but good luck!

  4. i'm just checking out those two sites now, thanks :)
    also, I love your blog header! did you draw that?