Saturday, 10 April 2010

Guess what I got in the post this morning?!

I spotted it on Urban Outfitters weeks ago, but they weren't selling them any more so I ordered one from WHSmith's, however it took aaaages for them to finally despatch it.
The concept of the book is to stop you from trying to make all of your art neat and correct, and to sure perfectionism by making you do destructive and messy things to the book- i.e. the first instruction you get is to crack the spine of the book, followed by standing on an open page of the book and spitting coffee at it. I'd highly reccomend you take a look at the Wreck This Journal gallery, because some of the ways people have interpreted the instructions are brilliant! I could look through the pictures on there for years.
here's the page I did today (it's a bit lame, but hey! I'm a beginner!)-

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