Monday, 19 April 2010


Big news- I have a job!! woop! I now get to say that I am a waitress... at a strawberry farm- how quaint :D
Unfortunately, this doesn't mean I'll be able to buy lots of lovely new clothes to show you all, mainly because I'm putting most of my earnings towards getting a car when I'm seventeen. What this does mean however, is that I'll be able to get my Gorillapod to show you all of my lovely old clothes, and I'll at least be able to buy a few new things every month or two. Still, that's not half bad ;P

I've been awfully healthy today (except the sausage roll I had at school- I can be excused though, because that's the only half-edible thing that they serve), and made myself a lemon and thyme chicken breast for dinner, with a green salad, sliced carrots and some smoked salmon (yum!). Only thing is, now my fingers stink of smoked salmon- not sure if I love it or not yet.. (hold on the dirty jokes please- such children!)

Aaw, just realised that there are no pretty pictures here :(
(I don't care if these have already done the rounds on the blogs, I love them and I want one.)

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  1. Congratulations on your job! I'm just trying to get another one - mine is really sucking! I hope you do great and make a lot of money to but lovely clothes :)