Sunday, 28 February 2010

Bang Bang

The blog's got a new layout :)
Topshop was fun today, until we nearly got kicked out... turns out you're not really allowed to take photos in the shop. I never really thought that was a problem- if anything, they should encourage it. I mean, I'm pretty much advertising them!?
anyway, we got two outfits (there aren't any more because stupid me forgot my memory card)-

The dress in the first one is beautiful, and would be perfect for summer- such a shame I'm poor :(
The second outfit is actually the one I'd be most happy to wear, although it doesn't look fantastic in the photo- we were in the upstairs changing room this time and the lighting wasn't as good, as well as the fact I had forgotten to grab some heels to wear with it, and my bra was showing through the top. oops :S
We also had a good look at the shoes. There were a pair that looked an awful lot like the shoes from Missguided I'm lusting for at the moment-
A pair that veeery closely resembled one of Jeffrey Campbell's designs-Shoe/mirror shot with Rhiannon-
So, overall it was a pretty fun day :)

I also got some amazing lippies to give my look a good kick up the backside. I recently discovered FadeToBlack, and it's inspired me to be a lot more daring with lip colour, so as well as finding my perfect shade of red lippy (seen in the photos), I bought a lilac lip gloss that I still haven't fully tried on yet, a completely nude lipstick to stop my lips drying out from the foundation-on-lips combo, and I also got a lilac incentive to grow my nails.
(my god, this is a long post!)

Finally (I think..), I've been obsessing over this shot from The Sartorialist lately-

I think it's mainly her whole (sorry, can't find a better word) nonchalance at being photographed that sets it off. Well, that and the fluffy hat, anyway! Phew, I should've split this into separate posts really... sorry guys xx

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