Friday, 5 February 2010

Inescapable Rain!

Ok, so I was at first really excited about this winter, especially as we got snow (and lots of it!) and I completely regress whenever there's snow around and jump on beds, roll about in it etc. But now we've had the snow, we've had christmas and we've had the new year, what's left? Just the rainy bit in between Winter and spring where everyone gets depressed and 15/16 year olds around the country start to realise that their exams are closer than they think... me being one of them.
I've been really, seriously missing warmth lately, and I've never really missed it before- that probably reveals something deep and psychological about myself, or it's probably just because I've become so much closer with my friends lately and I want to go outside- badly. I've had a massive chocolate binge today to try and cheer myself up, but I can't carry around Asda's rice crispy chocolate all the time- can you lot think of any good cheer-up-tricks out there?

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