Saturday, 27 February 2010

London Nights..

I found the good side to coursework!

(yes, they are actual pages from my art project)
My art teacher does part-time work for topshop here and there (she used to design for them), so in the half term she was in London doing trend research. This, of course, perfectly coincided with me doing my art gcse based on personal style and street style. lucky, innit?!
So she brought me back some fantastic pictures of people on Brick Lane- I was so excited! Fate must've realised I was gonna have a hard time fitting all of my coursework in and gave me an option on my paper to pick fashion. Thank you fate :)
This also means that for an 'inspirational visit', I will be in topshop tomorrow trying on loads of clothes and taking photos to show my personal style- pictures will appear on here, promise! Mind you, it'll be a rare treat because the pictures of my style are actually pictures of my style if i could get rid of all the nasty clothes in my wardrobe, win a million and start again. damn.

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