Wednesday, 24 February 2010


I've really had a longing for these lovely sweet treats lately.. they always bring up memories of school trips where the coach stops off in France, and whilst 70% of the bus are crowding round the generic pick and mix, I head straight to the macaroon counters and buy as many as my sparse amount of euros can afford.

The final image is what I always remember those stalls as- pretty, pastel coloured sweeties stacked end to end in their own neat rows, arranged by colour and handwritten labels- no matter how scummy the hypermarket we're in is, the macaroon counter will always be the same.
The reason for my gushing is that I've finally signed up to a baking site- it was only a matter of time!- and I've found a very promising recipe for plain 'croons. the photo accompanying it looks absolutely beautiful, and although I'm pretty sure mine will look nothing like that i was thinking- what would you have with a nice plate of fresh macaroons? tea? juice? nothing?! hmm... I'm thinking a big mug of earl grey :)