Thursday, 4 February 2010


Not sure if you yanks know about this, since you're lucky enough to have no school uniform but it's just been announced that we have an own clothes day next friday at school- yay! i get really excited about these mainly because it gives me a chance to show the school that I'm not a boy after a disastrously short haircut that earned me the name 'manbeast' for all of years 8 and 9... yeeaahh....
So, I was wondering; does anyone else hold this much importance in own clothes days, and how long before the day can you plan your outfit without seeming too vain and crazy?

Also, I've got a lookbook account now, so although most of my outfit posts will appear on here in future, there might be some extras on there if you fancy a look.
Of course, that is, when I actually manage an outfit post... :S
That is all <3

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