Sunday, 7 February 2010

Topshop Radio

I promised myself when I made this blog that I wouldn't make any posts about Topshop, since I buy way too many things from there, and it could quite easily get boring, but on my what? 5th entry I'm breaking that promise.

"There's nothing we love more than a good playlist! So, in the name of having a good sing-a-long and a good old dance, we're introducing Topshop Radio- the perfect way to get our instore vibe from the comfort of your own home."

So, Topshop radio, yay or nay? I personally love it, the music's edgy and new but not too weird or distracting like some of the artsy faff most chains use to seem more 'yewneek'. If it's a yay from you, then you can find it here.


  1. Hmm, i'm not to sure what type of music do they play on there. Like indie-rock,pop, R&B. I'm not to picky myself but I'm just curious to know if they would play a specific genre or not.

    From Dolly

  2. it's all pretty indie/techno, i think... music genres confuse me!

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