Saturday, 20 February 2010

Snooow :)

So, although I've been complaining about the cold, the snow does give way to photo opportunities. I gave my lace body a try with a cropped jumper, and it's still pretty warm.. surprisingly.
It's nice to know that some of these crazy trends do actually work on normal sized people and that they can work in real life (I'm wearing this to have snacks with my girlies later!)
Also, UK Vogue has launched it's young talent competition this month, offering £1000 and 1 month's paid work experience in their offices. Needless to say, I will very much be entering! I don't expect to win, as The winning entries they've posted as examples seem way above what I could do, but it's worth a try, eh?! Also, even if you're just a finalist you get to have lunch with the Vogue editors and judges, which seems just as good if that's the sort of job you want (for me, it is!). The only problem is once you've won something like that, what the hell do you wear?!

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